Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's so easy....

...to create a blog, isn't it? My hubs asked what the normal number of blogs a normal person has is. My answer: I'm not normal.

I want to begin by telling you what this blog is, but I think I'll start by telling you what it is NOT. I am NOT a professional chef, food critic, sommelier, or anything else; I just like to eat. Maybe I am a professional consumer. You will NOT find anything but opinions here! I will probably include a recipe or two, occasionally, but most likely, I will just tell you about new things I find or old favorites I enjoy.

I was not always a lover of all things edible. In fact, I used to be quite picky; no peppers, no onions, everything on the side. No seafood or fish. Nothing spicy. Boooring! And then I met the man who ate anything. Hubs introduced me to a whole new world of delicious offerings. He is half Korean and the food he was used to was way outside my tasty comfort zone. And so my love affair began...

No! Not with him, sillies! (Well, yes, with him, too.) With food - the premise of this bloggy!

Now, an experienced eater, I will try just about anything.
*Just about*

Join me at my table, won't you? 
I promise to bring new culinary delights to you and hope that you'll bring
some to me, too!

Bon apetite!


  1. yeah! hey, did you just change your background right before my eyes? Can't wait to see what ideas you give me. I may have some requests.

  2. Awesome! I can't wait to read your ideas.
    The older I get the more I like to experiment.

  3. And you put me in your side bar. How sweet!

  4. I HEARD you were doing a cooking blog :) I am here!