Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First course - new local delights....

Much to my disappointment, NOTHING is 
locally grown in Guam. 
That's a big BOO on my part...
but, alas, that doesn't mean there are
no good eats!

The locals love a good BBQ!
Not a BBQ-sauce-on-meat type either.
I have heard that they will put anything on a grill.
Oh, yum to the umpth degree, baby!
Every Wednesday night in
Chamorro Village,
there is a tent city of BBQ's
and I intend to take full advantage of the local hospitality!

I'll take some pics and show you what I find,
but in the mean time, 
I'll share my snack with you!!

Hineksa' Aga'ga'
"Red" rice:

We tried this at a friends' house this weekend...
it's just rice, red onion and Annato spice
which is really the coloring and flavoring left over from soaking
Achiote seeds. You just throw everything in a rice cooker and 
cook it as you would normal rice!

I don't know yet where you get the seeds....
I DO know that I can get the spice at the commisary!

They add a "sauce" called Finadene (pronounced fin-a-dinny)
 to the rice that consists of soy sauce, white vinegar,
onion, jalapeno (chopped), lemon juice and green onion.
You just throw everything into a bowl and stir!

Finadene Sauce. Photo by Pikake21

So YUM!!

Bon Apetite! ~K

* All pictures have been taken from the Web*


  1. Learning about the local cuisine already? I love it! Keep it coming!